Pokemon: Shiny Yveltal Event Begins Today in North America

by Christian Hoffer

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

May's final Legendary Pokemon distribution begins today.  Pokemon players can now get a Shiny Yveltal by using the "Mystery Gift" on Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.  The distribution lasts until May 26th, and is exclusive to trainers in North America.

Yveltal is the mascot Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Y, a Dark/Flying type that represents "death" in the Kalos region. This Yveltal comes at Level 100 and has the moves Sucker Punch, Foul Play, and Dark Pulse, as well as its signature move Oblivion Wing. This distribution is the only legitimate way to get Yveltal's alternate "Shiny" coloring, as the mascot Pokemon has a "Shiny Lock" that prevents trainers from encountering the Legendary Pokemon with its alternate coloring in Pokemon Y. You can see the difference between a normal Yveltal (on the left) and the Shiny Yveltal (on the right) in the header above. 

The Pokemon Company previously distributed Xerneas and Zygarde, Yveltal's fellow Kalos region Legendary Pokemon, earlier this month.  The Pokemon Company distributed the rare Pokemon to promote the new Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion "Fates Collide". 

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.