Hidden Master Chief Can Be Found Inside The Xbox One S

by Megan Peters

master chief
(Photo: Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik))

When it comes to Microsoft’s newly released Xbox One S, there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye. No, seriously - unless you have x-ray vision, there’s no way you’d ever know the upgraded console was hiding a very familiar gaming legend. I don’t know how they got him to do is, but Xbox managed to make Halo's Master Chief chill inside of the Xbox One S.

Alright, so maybe it’s not that complicated. The hidden Master Chief can be found within the console itself, sat amongst the Xbox’s tech-filled innards. The whole surprise was revealed on Twitter by Mike Ybarra, Xbox’s Director of Program Management, when he posted a photo of the hidden character.

Players could clearly see a cartoon iteration of the famous character etched into what appears to be metal plating. Underneath the figure’s large boots are words which read, “Xbox One,” denoting that the plating was likely part of the company’s latest console. However, most fans were crazy to void their warranties to find the easter egg, but now Ifixit has done what other gamers were unwilling to do.

They decided to crack the console wide open. The guys at Ifixit uploaded a video of them deconstructing the console to show fans what made the Xbox One S tick. And, in the process, they discovered that Master Chief was carved into one of the brackets which protected the console’s optical drive.

So, yeah, maybe Master Chief isn’t saving Halo or taking down Covenant goons. Protecting the Xbox One S’ optical drive is still pretty important though - just ask one of the thousands of gamers who shelled out $400 for the piece of tech.