Exclusive Gamescom Trailer For Battlefield 1 Showcases Cavalry, Armored Train

by Megan Peters

Man, EA and DICE weren’t kidding when they told fans to expect a whole slew of updates on Battlefield 1 during Gamescom 2016. The pair just released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter, and fans are already freaking out over the footage.

For now, fans finally got a great look into how Battlefield 1 will utilize what will essentially be its cavalry class. Footage shows warring groups going at one another as they're saddled on various steeds, and gamers could see how the horses are used in formation to cause coordinated damage. It appears as if players will be able to arm themselves with either swords or firearms when riding horseback, and gamers will of course be able to kill their equine enemies in order to cull opposing forces.

What’s more, the trailer also shows the much-teased armored train that fans have only seen previously in concept art. And, as fans expected, it seems as if the locomotive will cause massive damage. The train looks like it's loaded with various explosives and ammunition which players can launch from different cars. But, if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who gets in the train’s way, expect to get mowed down. The juggernaut will roll over almost anything that crosses its path.

The trailer features several new weapons, mostly firearms and a super-sweet flamethrower, and also showcases a little-seen desert map. Fans can expect to see more of the terrain tomorrow as DICE is planning to stream real-time footage of Battlefield 1 gameplay.

Most excitingly, a short clip ended the trailer that teased the game’s single-player storyline. The scene shows two characters who’re at odds in the middle of an abandoned sand dune. Towering over his enemy, a uniformed solider attempts to kill the other person and says, “The legend of Lawrence of Arabia dies tonight.” And, as you can see, the soldier’s plans don’t quite pan out.

Battlefield 1 will hit consoles on October 21st 2016. But, for now, let's all just enjoy this trailer. Seriously, their decision to use Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" was brilliant, man.