Oculus Rift Support For Minecraft Is Officially Here

by Megan Peters

minecraft oculus rift

Get your peepers ready! There’s some creepers to take down. After months of waiting, Mojang has finally released a patch that’ll give Minecraft support for the Oculus Rift.

The developer first announced the VR upgrade on the 1-year anniversary of Minecraft’s Window 10 release. Mojang said the patch would be free for gamers who’d already purchased the game on Windows 10. So, understandably, fans were very excited to learn about the franchise’s new direction.

Many fans, however, probably already know that this isn’t the only VR jump Minecraft has made. Samsung’s Gear VR was the first headset to release a Minecraft VR mod back in April. An unofficial mod called Minecrift was also pushed out earlier this year for the Oculus Rift, but Mojang’s official patch promises to provide superior gameplay to these previous iterations.

In their release, Mojang applauded the tireless efforts of their VR teams who met frequently with Oculus Rift developers to get their VR support running. The company even joked about having tricked the team back into their “Coding Pits by saying [they’d] spotted a Mewtwo in there and quietly [barred] the door.”

If you’re curious about what new features will come with Minecraft’s Oculus Rift patch, Mojang provided a handy-dandy list for gamers to peruse:

Innate keyboard and mouse support!

VR control options for immersive comfortable turning with the Xbox One controller!

Fancy-pants graphics stuff, like MSAA for crisp visuals, new render distance settings that will make use of powerful VR graphics cards, and optimized Windows 10 DX11 performance!

Even more granular customisation of VR settings, so you can mix-n-match for personalised comfort!

The company also said the new patch will reprise several of Mojang’s pre-existing VR features such as their nifty Virtual Livingroom which can give gamers a break from Minecraft’s intense immersive experience.

If you’re interested in trying out these features and have an Oculus Rift at your disposal, then you can update your Minecraft game for free and get your crafting on.