Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies Footage To Be Released Tomorrow

by Megan Peters

call of duty infinite warfare zombies
(Photo: Activision)

With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare set to debut later this November, fans are still eagerly awaiting updates on the much-anticipated game. So, if you’re a fan of the franchise’s ‘Zombies’ game mode, then it’s about time you get excited. It looks like Activision and Infinity Ward are about to drop gameplay footage of Infinite Warfare Zombies tomorrow.

The footage will be exclusively revealed at Gamescom and make its way to the Internet shortly after its premiere there. So far, both companies have remained quiet about what fans can expect to see in the footage, but the official Call of Duty Twitter has been busy responding to fans’ comments about the upcoming reveal. The account told one fan that they’re “positive [gamers will] feel right at home” while another tweet writes, “Infinity Ward has created some really epic gameplay...get ready to get your mind blow.”

Well, in that case, I guess all those zombies better get ready too. You know, because head shots.

Tomorrow’s reveal also shouldn’t come as a surprise to many gamers as the team behind Call of Duty has been teasing the trailer for awhile now. On August 11th, the brand began promoting the reveal by tweeting out a GIF of a mysterious package with the Infinite Warfare Zombies logo on it. A timer sat below the logo which is set to end tomorrow, and a warning below the timer told anyone who’s curious to not open the box until the clock reaches zero.

Activision sent these packages to various websites and popular Youtubers who’ve been taking photos of the dwindling timers. As for what's in those boxes, I guess we'll all find out tomorrow. Here's to hoping nobody finds a disembodied zombie head or whatnot. Some fans are wondering whether those lucky recipients will get some sort early access to a demo of 'Zombies', but more than likely, gamers will find the package filled with exclusive Call of Duty goodies. 

But, for now, we can only guess what fans will find out tomorrow until Activision and Infinity Ward finally release their Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies gameplay footage tomorrow.