Resident Evil 7 Looks Extra Creepy In Its Latest Trailer

by Megan Peters

The video game industry has undergone a horror renaissance over the past few years with both indie and major publishers now churning out all sorts of truly terrifying titles. Even long-standing franchise’s like Resident Evil and Silent Hill have been rejuvenated as new projects have been teased. And, while Silent Hill’s P.T. installment was sadly canceled, Resident Evil 7 comes closer to its release with each passing day. And, oh man, its latest trailer looks absolutely horrifying.

The recent trailer follows in the steps of the title’s previous sneak-peeks. Featuring a found-footage aesthetic, the video introduces a new character and other story elements. And, what’s more, the creepy clip showcases the isolated, dark setting gamers will play in once Resident Evil 7 goes live.

If you’re brave enough to watch the title’s gameplay trailer, it might be wise to turn on a light or two. Or don’t - you be the judge of how jumpy you are. When you boot up the video, gamers are met with fuzzy images while a girl named Mia talks to her camera. She says she can’t be caught by “her” again, no doubt referring to the mistress of the dilapidated horror house she’s found herself in.

Of course, fans of the game can probably connect the dots to figure out who the woman is. The stalker is none other than Marguerite Baker, the wife of the couple who owns the plantation Mia finds herself lost in. Or, well, they owned it - the Baker family was said to have gone missing years ago. However, it looks like Marguerite is definitely alive and very unhappy with Mia wandering into her home uninvited.

Several different areas of the plantation are shown in the trailer with some having been seen before in past videos. And, what’s more, fans can see for themselves how Capcom is returning Resident Evil to its roots in this new clip. The series will again focus on exploration and problem-solving puzzles which will make gamers hide (or, really, cower) in fear. So, fans probably shouldn’t expect to be KO’ing lots of infected zombies or insane farmers in Resident Evil 7. Well, not all the time at least.

Unless Resident Evil 7 should be delayed, the title will hit consoles and PC on January 24th 2017. And, if the game weren't scary enough on its own, Capcom confirmed Resident Evil 7 will be available on Playstation’s upcoming VR addition.