Ubisoft's Upcoming VR Game Lineup Begins Hitting This October

by Brittany Vincent

(Photo: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is squaring away its release cycle for its upcoming roster of VR-supported games, and they're all coming a lot sooner than you probably thought. Roll out of Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Werewolves Within, and Eagle Flight will begin this October for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you've got (or are planning to purchase, in the case of the not-yet-released PS VR) one or more of those platforms, your plate's about to get super full.

Eagle Flight is a game where you basically soar through the skies of Paris as a majestic eagle in either single or multiplayer mode, with VR augmenting the feeling of actually flying through the air. It seems like it should get the blood flowing pretty well, and it's headed to Oculus Rift on October 18, PlayStation VR on November 8, and HTC Vive on December 20.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is an attempt at making you feel like you're actually part of the crew, from Red Storm Entertainment. You'll take control of a Starfleet ship as a member of the Federation taking care of a crew or going it alone as Captain. Designed exclusively for VR, it's going to be available across all VR platforms on November 29th, just after you've probably gotten through all of the triple-A releases bundling up near the end of the year.

Werewolves Within is a bit of a different game that combines board games and multiplayer fun with VR. It's also from Red Storm Entertainment, and you'll be tasked with sniffing out (see what we did there?) the werewolves out there terrorizing the town. It's coming to all major VR platforms starting December 6.

If you were looking for some major titles to whet your VR whistle, this VR slate significantly adds to the possibilities, especially if you end up getting one of the systems for the holidays. It's not that long to wait, so better get those game lists ready to go now!