New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Trailer Released

by Megan Peters

Gamers are just a week away from the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided as it’s set to drop on August 23rd. The highly anticipated game recently announced Mankind Divided would be available for pre-download on both PC and consoles prior to its release. And, what’s more, Square Enix gifted fans with a launch trailer that showcases all the game has offers. And, so far, fans are saying it’s got a lot to give.

The slick, new footage features Adam Jensen, the main protagonist of Mankind Divided. A voice over belonging to the character can be heard over a montage of clips as he says, “If you try and rip the world apart, someone will always put it back together. You can kill dreams. You can kill innocents. You can kill freedom, but you can’t kill progress.” The CGI clips then go on to show Adam kicking serious butt as he uses his augmentations to take down soldiers of the Illuminati.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mankind Divided’s timeline, the game is set between Deus Ex and Deus Ex: The Fall. The year is 2029, and the game shows gamers what happened after the ‘Aug Incident’ of 2027. The event, which saw mechanically augmented humans become uncontrollably violent, has disrupted polite society. Augmented humans are now considered outcasts and treated brutally by their non-augmented peers. However, no one has yet discovered it was the Illuminati who truly orchestrated the ‘Aug Incident’ in order to turn the public against augmentations.

Adam, an augmented former security officer, now enters the story as he works to capture a terrorist group comprised of augmentations. But, more importantly, he moonlights as an operative for the Juggernaut collective, a group who wishes to bring Illuminati’s disinformation to light.

Originally, Mankind Divided was meant to be released this past February, but Square Enix delayed it until August to give the game more post-production time. As it was with their recent decision to delay Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix took flack for the call, but fans were ultimately understanding. In the end, gamers decided they’d rather wait a few months to play the game than to be disappointed when it arrived.

If you’re planning to play Mankind Divided, it might be in your best interest to pre-download the game as it’ll let you play it as soon as it drops. But, if you’d rather get a good old hard copy, then you can pick one up in stores starting next week.