Konami Addresses Metal Gear Survive Critics

by Megan Peters

metal gear survive
(Photo: Konami)

It’s only been a few days since Konami officially announced Metal Gear Survive, but the Internet is already slamming the title. The game’s trailer has been met with a 6.5:1 dislike-to-like ratio on Youtube, and sites like Reddit and Twitter have been inundated with fans who’re bonding over their mutual rage. It’s no surprise then that Konami is looking to address disgruntled gamers, leaving the company to do some serious damage control.

Robert Allan Peer, Konami’s USA Community Manager, began responding to fans on Twitter who were lamenting Metal Gear Solid’s future. When one fan tweeted at him to say, “Survive probably wasn’t your best idea,” Robert answered with this message: “Some people are definitely upset. Lots of people have different expectations for their favorite titles, that's reasonable.”

Robert has also answered other fans, asking them to have patience and keep an open mind about the franchise’s future. However, there are plenty of fans who seem opposed to Metal Gear Survive in every way. For those gamers, one of their biggest complaints rests with the team behind Survive. The new game will be the franchise’s first without Hideo Kojima’s guidance given his public split from Konami. The embittered rift left Metal Gear Solid fans uncertain about the brand’s future, and Konami’s most recent news appears to confirm the worst for some gamers.

Other common complaints about Survive center around its gameplay. While the game's trailer can’t show everything the game has to offer, fans are confused by the footage’s action-packed sequences. Long-time gamers are concerned Survive has opted to forgo Metal Gear Solid’s classic stealth to focus on combat. That’s all not even to mention the number of fans who’re confused about how zombies ended up in the game, but crazier things have happened in the franchise.

Konami is also trying to ease fans by clarifying what all the game will contain. Confirming Survive’s co-operative mode, one of Konami’s Brand Managers told Eurogamer, “Co-op is only one of the gameplay mechanics. Obviously Metal Gear is well-known for its stealth, that is, primarily, what makes Metal Gear. There is stealth in it, I know when you're watching the trailer it's all very action-packed and it doesn't really elicit that feeling, but there will be stealth and one of the really interesting things that we will be exploring and playing with is how stealth and co-op can actually co-exist.”

And, what’s more, Konami has since revealed Survive won't cost nearly as much as other full-fledged titles. While they won't comment any further on the game’s pricing, fans are speculating the game will cost the same as Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain, running around $35-45. So, for now, fans can only wait and decide whether they’ll trust Konami’s word about Metal Gear Solid’s newest adventure. Just, think about what Snake would do.