Xbox Game Preview Is Headed To Windows 10

by Brittany Vincent

xbone1 2040
(Photo: Microsoft)

During Gamescom 2016, Microsoft made the announcement that Xbox Game Preview would soon be coming to Xbox One, and now it's confirmed that Xbox One owners will be able to effectively become beta testers for games still in development. Much like Steam's Early Access program, Microsoft will let gamers play early version of upcoming titles on Windows 10.

The first game that's set to make a debut on Xbox Game Preview on Windows 10 will be Everspace when it comes out later this year, but that's not all. Microsoft has made the statement that there are several other games to come down the pipeline. Everspace was previously available on Kickstarter and is a single-player rogue-like space shooter.

Xbox Game Preview should be an interesting and exciting opportunity for players to take part in, especially with the many different games releasing each year and the fact that demos are becoming a thing of the past, with Early Access starting to be more of the norm going forward. Rockfish Games' space sim is just the start of what will eventually be a pretty exciting program. 

Everspace is looking like a pretty fantastic experience on its own, with VR support, dogfighting, and light RPG mechanics that could very well put it on par with other games in the genre. If you're able to access Xbox Game Previews going forward, are you going to take advantage of them? Will you be interested in checking out games before they're available on a console by way of your PC as an expanded part of the Xbox Preview program that was previously available?

via Microsoft