Amazon and Twitch Bring You a Brand New Game to Play and Stream: Breakaway

by Kevin Hitt

Partnering with, Amazon may have developed one of the most interesting games of 2016. If you have ever played BloodBowl, football played with mythical races such as Orcs, Dwarves, Elfs, and more, then Breakaway should be the next game you try.

Currently in its Alpha stage, "Breakaway is a mythological sport brawler built for fast action, teamwork, and live streaming. Build the optimal team composition from an expanding roster of legendary warriors, each with their own unique skills, weapons, and Buildables - summonable structures that can be used to dynamically alter the arena and provide a new level of tactical depth. Fight for dominance across fabled locations such as El Dorado, Atlantis, and Styx as you engage in four versus four competition to control the Relic, an artifact of immense power.  Broadcast your feats utilizing a host of new Twitch features designed to make Breakaway as fun to watch as it is to play."

The list of characters to choose from is diverse and really makes for spectaculat game play.

The initial list of warrios you can play as of now:

  • The Black Knight - "Conjured from the deepest pit, the Black Knight is an unstoppable mountain of tormented, angry steel. With armor forged in hellfire and a mighty battle-axe said to feast upon the souls of his enemies, the Black Knight’s only purpose is destruction"
  • Morgan Le Fay - "There are none more wicked than the vile sorceress, Morgan Le Fay. With a heart as black as a raven’s wings, she wields her twisted gifts to overwhelm any who oppose her quest for power."
  • Spartacus - "Spartacus revels in the glory of battle and the roar of the crowd. A champion of the people, he fights for pride and freedom, delivering victory at the edge of his legendary swords."
  • Thorgrim - "With the horns of a mythic battle ram and the weight of a massive warhammer, Thorgrim welcomes the challenge of each new battle on his journey to Valhalla."
  • Anne Bonny - "Anne Bonny’s thirst for fortune and fame is matched only by her joy in crushing her rivals. Few warriors can match her daring and none are more skilled with pistols and powder."
  • Rawlins - "Quick on the draw and smooth on the trigger, Rawlins seeks more than victory. He aims for justice; delivered with righteous fire from his devastating twin cannons - Law and Order."
  • Alona - "Alona, the last Sun Priestess, wields the power of the sun for strength and healing. Her mighty Sun Staff channels solar rays, harnessing their purifying light to protect those in need."

However, the game itself may not be the most exciting part for many. Amazon has partnered with to integrate the game into their streaming service making it incredibly easy to stream this exciting game. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Patrick Gilmore, head of the company’s Irvine development studio said, "If you’re a streamer on Twitch, there’s a chat box where you can respond to viewers [here and there]. We wanted to create a system for broadcasters to interact with larger numbers of viewers at one time. Stream+ is a loyalty system. The loyalty points don’t move from one broadcaster to another. You can earn points participating in polls, or just by watching. And you can use points to say, who do you think is going to win the match? You can say, I think red team is going to win, or blue team is going to win. And if you win, you get more points. The points you can redeem for special skins in the game. They’re a status aspect in the game. The system was inspired by streamers who were [patching together] loyalty systems on their own."