Here's What the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Looks Like

by Robert Workman

(Photo: Polygon)

Earlier today, Nintendo premiered a first look at its new console, the Nintendo Switch. We already broke this down through a number of features, including five great features the system has and five great games we know are coming to the system.

But some hardcore players are asking, "Do I HAVE to play with those weird looking Joy-Con controllers?" Well, no. There's an option to upgrade to a Switch Pro Controller, and an image from the trailer reveals what this controller will look like – and it's a notable upgrade from the previous Wii U Pro Controller.

First off, the build looks a bit more comfortable, so that the controller can fit easier in the hands. Not that the Wii U Pro Controller was a struggle, mind you, but it has a better molding, and not so "shiny" like the previous controller.

Of course, many players will note the big, obvious change to the controller – the movement of the right analog stick and buttons. The buttons now sit adjacent to the left analog stick near the front of the pad, while the right analog stick is beneath. This is a build that both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers have gone with, and have become greatly appreciated by a number of players – so Nintendo fans are just as likely to adjust to this new approach.

Everything else about the controller looks the same as the previous one, including the analog stick response, the shoulder buttons and the set-up of the ABXY buttons, with B at the bottom and the others scattered across the top in a diamond formation. But until we get our hands on it, it's hard to tell how it'll feel just yet. Soon enough, though.

The Pro Controller is expected to release alongside the Nintendo Switch when it launches in March 2017.

By Robert Workman

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