New Xbox One Promo Video Features Antonio Brown and Pterodactyls

by Robert Workman

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Microsoft has been doing rather well with its Xbox One promotions as of late, between an onslaught of ads for its hit sequel Gears of War 4 and its numerous pushes for system bundles featuring Battlefield 1 and other titles. But now, it's having fun with its latest videos, where terabytes are brushed aside for…pterodactyls?

Following a survey that was conducted back in September that deemed Xbox Live the "fastest" and "most reliable" gaming network around, Microsoft has put together a new ad, where Pittsburgh Steelers player Antonio Brown and a fellow gamer are talking about the speed of the network.

And this is where things come into debate, as the player insists that the Xbox One S has two whole pterodactyls of storage. Of course, Brown, being a gamer and all, is quick in trying to correct him. "Terabytes?" No, pterodactyls. Brown still expresses his doubts that the statement is correct, but, hey, to each their own. Maybe there are pterodactyls in that thing. (As are megadactyls, obviously.)

Regardless, the video is a fun, quick ad that showcases the power of the Xbox One S in a humorous manner. The full description of the video is as follows:

"Antonio Brown and fans play together on the new Xbox One S, the ultimate games and 4K entertainment device. Play your favorite games like Madden NFL 17 and connect with the gaming and NFL community like never before on Xbox Live, the fastest and most reliable console gaming network."

Let's be honest – it's probably more fun to say something like pterodactyls than it is, say, teraflops. We're still trying to figure out the best way to use the word teraflop in a conversation without getting strange looks. Pterodactyl is much easier – and, hey, dino-nerds love when it's mentioned.

Anyway, check out the video below.

By Robert Workman

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