Ubisoft Teases Final Season One DLC for Rainbow Six Siege

by Matthew Hayes

Ubisoft has sent out a rather cryptic tweet on its official Rainbow Six Siege account; cryptic, at least, to those of us who don't read Japanese. The image shows a raven landing on a branch, underneath which is a message that roughly translates to, "Time, come Tareri." While we don't know who or what "Tareri" is, we do know that the image and the tweet are teasing the final batch of DLC for Season One of Rainbow Six Siege.

Like all previous DLC before it, the final release will include a new defensive operator, a new offensive operator, and a new map. The new map will supposedly be set in Japan, and we expect the operators to hail from Japan as well - perhaps from the Japanese SFG (Special Forces Group). PC Gamer got a hold of some leaked footage and gameplay from the final DLC, which shows a player tearing thru what appears to be some kind of high-end apartment or resort set in a tall skyscraper in the heart of a Japanese city. Unfortunately the gameplay features one of the original operators, Sledge, so no sneak-peek of either of the new operators yet.

This represents the last of the four original DLC packs that Ubisoft originally promised for Rainbow Six Siege. The previous three releases, in order, were operations Black Ice, Dust Line, and Skull Rain. All of the DLC content is available to all players, but the operators are obscenely expensive to unlock at 25,000 renown per operator. If you plan to unlock all of them, you have a long grind ahead of you.

The Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass is available for $30. The Season Pass will automatically unlock all of the DLC operators released so far, and also entitles you to the two newer operators a week before they're made available to the public. You also get a permanent renown boost and extra daily challenges to help you unlock all of those fancy trinkets, weapon mods, and helmets for your operators. Also included is a safari-themed weapon skin bundle that you'll never use.

Ubisoft still hasn't released the final details for the Japan DLC, so we're not sure when to expect the new operators to unlock for Season Pass owners. Typically Ubisoft gives us at least a week to prepare and to encourage newer players to check out the Season Pass, so we'll know sooner than later.

By Matthew Hayes

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