Titanfall 2 Calls Out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare On Social Media

by Robert Workman


Forget Trump versus Clinton – a real battle could be brewing between two top first-person shooting franchises this holiday season.

With the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare today, the official account for EA's Titanfall 2 game decided to get dirty right away, taking quotes from IGN's recent review of the game to tell gamers which direction they'll want to take this holiday season.

"One is 'mostly slow & plodding' while the other's 'frantic precision is electrifying' – you decide," the account noted, then linking to IGN's still-incomplete review for Infinite Warfare. (It's a work in progress.)

It's definitely a "shots fired" sort of scenario, especially considering that IGN hasn't completed the review yet. It did give high marks to Titanfall 2 by comparison, but, yep, it's definitely stirring up the community. Quick note: it doesn't look like the tweet isn't up anymore, so someone may have had a change of heart.

However, that didn't stop a certain few fans from taking part in the action. While most fans have been supportive, there have been a few that have been on the negative side, as reported by the team at GameZone. And the tweet is still up here.

  • "I did make the right call. I didn't buy nor look at either of your shit games. Go piss up a rope." -- @MachMinotaur
  • "I decided to enjoy both games guys. You don't need to throw shit to other games. Let the gamers decide." -- @agunZagun
  • "If I was in charge, I would fire this person. Good thing, I'm not. It is not good business to do something like this." -- @cricinator

We understand that Titanfall 2's social team is no doubt trying to "stir the pot" to drum up sales of the game while Infinite Warfare makes its way to store shelves. But, as Microsoft and Sony has proven in the past, there's room for two competitors, and social media isn't really all about mud slinging.

We'll see if Call of Duty responds later today. This battle may not be over yet.

UPDATE: Respawn has apparently noted that the Titanfall 2 Twitter account is separate from its company, and has noted that it wishes Infinity Ward the best with its game launch. The tweets are below.

By Robert Workman

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