Battlefield 1 Is DICE's Biggest Launch To Date

by Robert Workman


It's only been about two and a half weeks since Electronic Arts and DICE released Battlefield 1, but the game's already making a huge impact around the world.

The developer recently revealed some interesting statistics about the game on the official Battlefield blog, indicating that Battlefield 1 had the biggest launch in the company's history, even with last year's Star Wars: Battlefront attaining huge numbers. The company already revealed that the player base was nearly double of what Battlefield 4 drew in, but didn't mention sales numbers.

Instead, we got a whole lot of statistics based on time played with the game, which is as follows:

  • 59 million hours of gameplay
  • Nine million hours spent in Operations
  • 32 million Battlepacks earned
  • 6 million Behemoths deployed
  • Flame Troopers, Anti-Vehicle and Sentries took out 123,084 horses
  • Conquer Hell was easily the most popular Operation
  • 842,426 pigeons have been sent out in War Pigeons mode
  • There are an average of two weather changes per each round of multiplayer
  • Roadkills for horses are at 5.8 million
  • Roadkills for tanks are at 5.5 million
  • Roadkills on the ground are at 1.67 million
  • Roadkills with planes are at 330,500

DICE hasn't stopped the Battlefield 1 train from rolling. The company previously announced a number of updates to the game that will be dropping over the next few weeks, including hardcore servers, changes to the Suez map, a Fog of War custom game (with fog, of course) and more. The next Battlefest isn't too far off either, as that event is set to take place on November 18th. And this is on top of the Season Pass content, which DICE is set to divulge any day now.

If you haven't gotten in on the Battlefield 1 action, it's certainly not too late – and we highly approve of what it has in store for you. 

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

By Robert Workman

Robert Workman has spent years working in the video game industry, for sites like Shacknews, AOL GameDaily and Marooners Rock. He's also very skilled in contributing to podcasts and video broadcasts, and can pretty much out-game you under the table. Oh, and just go ahead and ask him about glorious craft beers. Go on, ask him.