Funko Introduces Pop Figures Based On The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

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Witcher 2
(Photo: Funko)

Funko is a great company when it comes to its wide selection of adorable Funko Pop! figurines, and it’s released a wide assortment of them thus far, based on everything from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (yes, they’re awesome) to Bioshock. Now, Geralt of Rivia is set to get a turn.

The company announced on its page today that it would be releasing five different pops based on CD Projekt Red’s hit adventure game, set to arrive this January.

“Geralt of Rivia is an expertly swordsman and Witcher, hunting deadly monsters for money in The Witcher series!” the company noted on its blog. “Geralt is joined by Yennefer, a sorceress; Ciri, a princess; Triss, a friend; and Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt!" 

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt continues to ride high on its success since its release, with a recent Complete Edition making the rounds at retail, which includes all the downloadable content that’s been released for the game, along with the main adventure. So it should be no surprise that Funko has released this series of figurines, and made them just as adorable as Big Daddy from Bioshock or other characters from various video game franchises.

And with a release for the figurines in January, fans have time to get their pre-orders in line for Geralt of Rivia, or, for that matter, all five figurines in the series, if they’re true collectors. Now the only question is how they’re going to come up with ample shelf space for them all. Funko collectors know what this pain is all about. “They’re all too dang cute!”

Check out the first pics of these figurines below, and pick and choose your favorites now. Now that is how you start off a Funko release year.

Witcher 2
(Photo: Funko)
Witcher 2
(Photo: Funko)
Witcher 2
(Photo: Funko)
Witcher 2
(Photo: Funko)

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