PSA: Titanfall 2 on PS4 Is $30 Right Now From Walmart, Buy It

by Matthew Hayes

Listen up, everyone: Titanfall 2 is on sale right now on Walmart's website. You can grab the PS4 version of the game for for $30 and, at that price, there's absolutely no reason not to get the game. There's no date or indication on the site as to when the deal will expire. This could just be a warm-up for Black Friday; a teaser, here and gone in a flash until the busy shopping weekend. Then again, there's a chance that the deal persists on through Black Friday. You can't take that chance. Get this game at half-price while you still can.

I can say with confidence, having played Battefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Titanfall 2, that the latter has the most compelling campaign and action-packed multiplayer out of any of them. Forget what you think you know from playing the beta. Shed your stale, brittle, battle-hardened shell into which you retreat every time a game that isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield vies for your money and play time.

If you're regular reader, or even if you just peruse video game sites generally, then you've likely heard that the Titanfall 2 campaign was an incredibly pleasant surprise. Everything you've read it true - it's not hyperbole. This is perhaps the best campaign in a first-person shooter in 2016. It's competing directly with DOOM for the best campaign of the year, and depending on your tastes, it'll earn that accolade with ease.

The campaign is brief, taking maybe six hours to complete, but the replay value is incredible. From beginning to end there's never a dull moment. There's one level in particular that introduces a fascinating story twist that affects the gameplay in a really creative way. You won't forget it.

The multiplayer also provides inexhaustible enjoyment thanks to Titanfall 2's perfect movement system. Respawn rewards players for treating each and every map as a playground. Look around you; the ground is a launchpad. Sprint into a slide-boost, which you can chain into a double-jump and glide across the side of a building. Leap from the side of that building while unleashing a barrage of mini-missiles upon your foes underneath. You land with another slide-boost to keep up your momentum and dash into a nearby door, escaping oncoming enemy fire. Your Titan is ready, and the fun is just getting started.

Seriously, after playing a few rounds of the fast and furious mech-fest that is Titanfall 2, everything else will feel slow and dated in comparison. I don't know what else I can say. This game is absolutely worth your $60, and for $30 it's a no-brainer. Get. On. This.

By Matthew Hayes

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