Sega and Wargaming Team Up For Total War: Arena

by Robert Workman


A little while back, Wargaming, the publisher behind the awesome free-to-play game World of Tanks (amongst others) announced a Wargaming Alliance publishing arm, in which it would be working with other game developers to create new entertainment. Today, we saw its latest announcement, a game that will bring together fans of Creative Assembly's war games into one epic battle.

Wargaming has announced that it has teamed up with Sega and the developer for a new game called Total War: Arena. It will be a full-on team multiplayer-based title, with 10 versus 10 support and a whole lot of fighting going on.

Total War: Arena will mark the first major release for Wargaming Alliance, with a huge subscriber base set to be attached to it, as well as full-on free-to-play support between the two companies. There wasn't a release date provided just yet, but it's expected sometime in 2017 for PC.

Ironically enough, Total War: Arena was initially announced some time ago – in fact, over three years ago. The game enables players to control three different units at a time in battle, working alongside others in unique roles in order to win the overall battle.

At the time, Creative Assembly promised a number of features with the game, which will more than likely see their way into the final release. These include balanced matchmaking, a variety of maps, and a strong progression system enabling you to upgrade various elements of your team, including abilities, items, units and even generals. There's no word yet on how this all plays out with the free-to-play aspect of the game, but don't expect it to nickel-and-dime you like crazy. After all, this is Wargaming we're talking about, and the team has been more than fair with its previous products, including the just-released World of Warships.

We'll see how Total War: Arena shapes up when it finally releases soon.

By Robert Workman

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