Battlefield 1 Going Offline Tomorrow For Updates

by Robert Workman


If you're in the midst of playing Battlefield 1's multiplayer, you may want to prepare yourself for some vacation time tomorrow, as the game will be (temporarily) going offline for some updates.

The developers at DICE have announced that the game will be going through its fall update tomorrow, although it didn't note which changes would be made to the game just yet. (It's expected to provide a detailed blog entry once the changes go live.)

Relax, the game won't be off-line for that long, as it's expected that servers for each of the versions of Battlefield 1 will only be off for about an hour. The schedule for offline time is below:

PC: Mutliplayer will be offline for 1 hour starting 12:00 AM PDT

PlayStation 4: Multiplayer will be offline for 1 hour starting 2:00 AM PDT

Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 1 hour starting 4:00 AM PDT

As you can see, the offline times are scheduled for around the middle of the night, so most players won't really notice a difference anyway, unless they take part in early hours multiplayer. At the very least, it won't take that long, and they can always get their practice in with the game's amazing single player campaign, especially if they haven't completed it yet.

"Thank you for your patience and see you on the Battlefield!" the developer noted. Look for more notes regarding its update tomorrow. The update will be live here.

There are a lot of multiplayer fans for Battlefield 1 fans, with players spending a collective 59 million hours in game thus far…and that was just in its first week.

Whatever the case, the game will be fine, back up and running by the time tomorrow morning goes around – so you can hop back into the tank (or on foot) and cause some chaos.

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

By Robert Workman

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