This Speedrunner Beat Dishonored 2 In Under 45 Minutes

by Robert Workman


Bethesda's Dishonored 2 is a game filled with all sorts of options, particularly with play styles – you can either sneak through the whole game with stealth elements or go all-out with action abilities. But one particular speedrunner has taken the quickest route in the game, and beat it in record time. Yes, already.

A speedrunner by the name of Voetiem managed to beat the game in about 38 minutes' time, but without loading times, it's actually closer to 32 minutes of gameplay time. has already noted that it's a world record, though other players are probably working on beating the game in an even quicker time, despite the overwhelming challenges that stand in their way. (Someone, for instance, did a run-through recently for nearly 36 minutes.)

Voetiem noted that there are several humorous strategies that take effect within the game, including plenty of key moments with physics and AI clashing. However, the whole thing is worth watching, just because of the stunning fashion that Voetiem has managed to conquer the whole thing.

Of course, there are spoilers ahead in certain parts, so watch at your own risk. Otherwise, enjoy the run-through below, and take some notes in regards to particular sections – they might just help you beat the game as well.

It's impressive to see someone run through the game so quickly, especially since it just released this past Friday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Fortunately, the game has various pick-up-and-play elements that fans of Dishonored will easily adapt to, as well as a variety of cool weapons that enable them to clean house on enemies. It also helps to have a pair of cool characters to choose from, as well as those two types of play – so you can always try something new if something doesn't work for you.

But, yeah…that run-through is certainly something else.

By Robert Workman

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