Battlefield 1's Hardcore Servers Go Live Today

by Robert Workman


If you're a true devotee to Battlefield 1's multiplayer – and we certainly wouldn't blame you if you were – then we've got some news that is sure to make your weekend.

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced that the hardcore servers for the multiplayer shooter have officially gone live. These servers are being set aside for the "elite" players of the game, according to the company, and will provide room for customization, per a new blog post on the Battlefield page.

In addition, playing on these servers pretty much assures that you're on your own, since you'll be playing without a minimap, crosshairs or the ability to spot enemies. It really depends on the individual server, however.

The company is also introducing a Rent-a-Server program with the Fall Update, which will enable players the opportunity to set up their own private Battlefield 1 servers, with various gameplay options that can be installed into map rotations.

If you're a player that's new to the world of Battlefield, you probably shouldn't worry too much about Hardcore servers at the moment. You're better off getting acquainted with what the multiplayer mode has to offer in general before you start digging into options. However, if you're someone that knows their way around a map and a particular set of weapons, your time has truly come.

The Hardcore servers are part of a massive fall update that was applied to the game this week, which not only includes a number of tweaks, but also a Squad XP boost available in certain Battlepacks, as well as various Custom Games options available in the menu. Again, if you're new to the game, feel free to take it slow, but otherwise, have a field day.

Good luck, and may your hardcore skills be with you!

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

By Robert Workman

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