Bethesda Pinball Coming Soon From Zen Studios

by Robert Workman

(Photo: Zen Studios)

For the past few years, Zen Studios has been churning out some truly impressive pinball tables, in both original offerings and various licensed tables based on Star Wars, Portal, Marvel franchises and other top-of-the-line licenses. But now the company appears to be teaming up with a major publisher to bring some of its biggest names to the pinball realm.

Zen Studios tweeted out an image earlier today that's likely to be of some interest to fans of Bethesda's games, with a picture of Fallout's Vault-Boy in front of a pinball machine, giving a thumbs up next to the logo "Bethesda Pinball." The tweet is located below:

The developer didn't reveal any titles for Bethesda Pinball just yet, nor did it provide a release date. However, let's consider the many licenses that the company has available. We're definitely looking at a table based on the Fallout franchise, but we could also see tables based on Dishonored 2, which just came out this past week; Doom, one of the company's best-selling franchises to date (and with good reason); and even Skyrim, with its many dragons and warriors making for a good pinball battle. Heck, we could even see a Wolfenstein table, if we're lucky enough, since that franchise has become relevant again with releases like The New Order and The Old Blood.

We're likely to know more details over the next few weeks, but don't be surprised to see Bethesda Pinball pop up on a number of different platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, mobile, and PC. That's the way it worked with the company's previous releases, so we don't see why anything could change here.

Oh, and while we're thinking up dream tables – can we bring back Wet? Because that was always a fun game to play. Keeping those fingers crossed…

By Robert Workman

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