Battlefield Tops the Sales Charts For October 2016

by Robert Workman


The NPD has broken down its video game sales chart for the month of October, and to no one's surprise, EA's Battlefield 1 has easily dominated.

Based on physical game sales (digital weren't included with this month's numbers), the multiplayer shooter took a first place spot, followed by 2K's Mafia III and Microsoft's Gears of War 4.

Rounding out the top five were sports favorites FIFA 17 and NBA 2K17, followed by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, WWE 2K17, Civilization VI, Titanfall2 and Madden NFL 17.

Many were fearing that Titanfall 2 wouldn't make a big sales impact for the month, but even between two first-person shooters from more popular franchises, it managed a top ten finish anyway.

Oddly enough, the top ten didn't include the usual mainstays, like Overwatch and Grand Theft Auto V.

Software sales for consoles and PC alike managed to rise 36 percent overall for the month, when compared to the previous year, bringing the total to $539 million. Sam Naji, analyst for NPD, added that "total consumer spend on software, hardware and accessories grew by six percent" year-over-year, even though there were declines with both accessories (24 percent) and hardware (20 percent).

"The release of popular titles such as Battlefield 1, Mafia III and Gears of War 4 helped to increase software spending by one-third, offsetting declines in spending elsewhere," Naji added.

System sales were easily dominated by the Xbox One S, which led against the PlayStation 4 for the fourth month in a row. "Unit sales for the Xbox One brand of hardware grew by eight percent compared to last October," said Naji. "Average pricing for the Xbox One hardware fell by 17 percent due primarily to the release of the lower-priced 500GB Xbox One S Minecraft bundle."

That said, the Uncharted 4 PS4 500GB Slim bundle still beat out all other hardware, accounting for 17 percent of overall hardware sales, even though the numbers declined from $270.3 million to $215.2 million year-over-year.

By Robert Workman

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