Grab A Real-Life Elixir When You Purchase Final Fantasy XV From Target

by Matthew Hayes

For a limited time, you can get yourself a real-life "Wiz's Energizing Elixir" when you purchase Final Fantasy XV from participating Targets. If you've been a gamer for any length of time, then you already know exactly who's behind this promotion: Jones Soda.

"SQUARE ENIX and beverage company Jones Soda Co. are teaming up with Target stores nationwide to sweeten the deal for fans who purchase a copy of FINAL FANTASY XV in-stores. Starting tomorrow, fans who show proof of purchase of FINAL FANTASY XV on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system at Target stores will receive one free bottle of Wiz’s Energizing Elixir, the first-ever FINAL FANTASY-themed soft drink in the U.S.

wiz's elixir
(Photo: Jones Soda)

Based off the in-game FINAL FANTASY XV location 'Wiz Chocobo Post,' the carbonated orange and cream soda-flavored concoction can also be purchased separately at participating Target stores for $2.99 MSRP while supplies last beginning November 29. Fans will need to act fast, as they are going to go KWEH-kly!"

Is this a gimmick? Obviously. Are we totally into it? You bet a fat sack of Mimett Gourds we are (only the hardcore Chocobo nerds will get that one)! You may remember Jones soda and Target teaming up not too long ago to celebrate the release of a different game.

nuka cola quantum
(Photo: Bethesda)

Remember the bright blue bottles of "Nuka Cola Quantum" you could grab alongside your copy of Fallout 4? That promotion was a huge hit, and pictures of the drink (and the game) flooded the internet for days after release.

Square Enix is no doubt hoping that we'll love its bright orange elixir just as much. For collectors, this will be something to keep on the shelf forever. If that be you, keep in mind that these will be limited in quantity, so grab a few while you can.

By Matthew Hayes

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