Rainbow Six Siege: Year 2 Season Pass Available, 8 New Operators Confirmed

by Matthew Hayes

The year-2 Season Pass for Ubisoft's intense squad-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege has gone up on digital storefronts for a predictable $30. It's been pulled from the PlayStation Store, but you can still find it for Xbox One here.

We knew that Ubisoft would be continuing to support Siege going forward, and it even made a commitment to support its biggest games for up to ten years. So what can you expect from the Season Pass this go around? Pretty much exactly what you got from year-1, it seems. Here's the breakdown from the product page:

Operators and bonus DLC

  • 8 new Year 2 operators across 4 seasons
  • 8 exclusive headgear customizations
  • 8 exclusive uniform customizations
  • R6 Carbon charm
  • 600 R6 Credits to purchase in-game content

VIP perks

  • 7-day early access to each season’s new Operators.
  • 10% discount in in-game shop
  • 5% Renown boost to unlock in-game content faster
  • 2 extra daily challenges

You'll notice one very important omission, here. There's no mention of additional maps. This is very likely an oversight; a temporary omission. The rate at which new maps were added to the base game with the original Season Pass was one map per expansion, for a total of four new maps. Many players were hoping that we'd see even more maps released with year-2 content, so hopefully Ubisoft has been listening to its fans.

If you never purchased the first Season Pass, keep in mind that the only way to unlock those bonus operators from now on will be with credits or with renown. The year-2 Season Pass will not automatically unlock year-1 operators.

If you don't plan on buying any Season Pass at all, that's totally fine. You're still going to be able to play with the entire community, you're still going to get every new map for free, and you can still unlock any of the new operators simply by playing the game. That's thanks to Ubisoft's brilliant commitment to Rainbow Six Siege as a service, and not just as a money-printing machine. Per Ubisoft's VP of live operations Anne Blondel-Jouin:

"If I take an analogy of an amusement park, you can go through all the rides, but then you can also go to the shop to buy some food or merchandise or whatever... regardless of whether you spend in the shop, you're still part of the whole experience. Nobody is making you buy if you don't want to, but it is another way to have a different entertainment experience."

As soon as we get official details from Ubisoft as to what else we can expect during this second year of content, we'll let you know right away.

By Matthew Hayes

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