New Battlefield 1 Custom Game Mode "Line of Sight" Coming Soon

by Matthew Hayes

A new custom game mode is coming to Battlefield 1 that promises to keep both sharpshooters and support-oriented players on thinking on their feet. The game mode is called Line of Sight, and it's supposed to arrive some time this week.

Line of Sight will basically be an exhibition match between teams of Scouts, as Medics scramble to keep their teammates alive. In this new game mode you can only choose to play as a Scout or a Medic, and Scouts have had their bullet damage doubled. So while the bullets will be flying from all directions, I have a feeling that it's the Medics who will rise to be the real MVPs. Distributing health, bringing the dead back to life, stepping up with Madsen MG Storms to mow down unsuspecting Scouts who think they're all that... The highlight videos are going to be glorious.

These custom game modes offer a fun escape from "business as usual," if there is such a thing in Battlefield 1. While the Fog of War game mode didn't change things up too considerably, Line of Sight feels a little more in line with what we see in Overwatch's weekly brawls. Typically in a brawl there are one or two heroes featured, or a totally disruptive rule set in place, that forces every player to form completely new strategies when entering into combat. It's kind of nice; keeps you on your toes.

Speaking of keeping you on your toes, you'll have a completely new map to learn next month when "Giant's Shadow" is released. This will be a free map for anyone who owns the game. The first batch of paid DLC, on the other hand, lands in March. The first expansion is called "They Shall Not Pass," which will be accessible two weeks early for anyone who purchased a Battlfield 1 premium pass.

By Matthew Hayes

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