Final Fantasy XV Sells Five Million Units Worldwide

by Robert Workman


The way it was hyping it, Final Fantasy XV almost seems like a “make-or-break” title for the team at Square Enix – but, hey, if you poured millions of dollars into a video game, you’d probably be nervous, too. Fortunately, early sales numbers indicate that the publisher has nothing to worry about.

The company’s latest report indicates that the game has gotten off to a strong start since its release earlier this week, with a trailblazing five million units sold worldwide thus far. That’s the strongest sales in the period to date, and the game’s positive reviews and solid word-of-mouth amongst players will likely fuel these sales for the next few months to come.

Square Enix noted that these sales numbers are comprised of both physical and digital sales of the game, and have added up to being the best launch numbers for a Final Fantasy title to date. Considering the storied history of the franchise, that’s pretty damn amazing.

In addition, the game has broken the record for the highest-recorded first-day digital copies sold ever in Japan (and that may add up in the U.S. as well), and also the record for the highest amount of physical copies shipped in Asia. (This includes digital copies, too.)

And as we mentioned, the game is just getting started, and is likely to become December’s top-selling title, beating out competition like The Last Guardian and Dead Rising 4 pretty handily. Square Enix will continue to hype the game with television ads and other promotions, and players should no doubt keep returning for more extraordinary role-playing action.

We’ll post our review of the game over the next few days, but, yeah, if you love Final Fantasy games, you may want to go ahead and get your hands on a copy. This is the sort of adventure you probably don’t want to wait on.

By Robert Workman

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