Every Shooter Needs a Version of Call of Duty's Gun Game

by Matthew Hayes

Have you ever played the Gun Game in Call of Duty? The first time we saw it was in the original Black Ops, and since then the Gun Game has seen a few iterations in different games. The premise is simple: This is a free-for-all mode where every player starts off with a pistol. If you can score a kill, you're upgraded to a shotgun. Get a kill with that shotgun, and you're given a little automatic SMG. The weapon progression continues through 15-25 guns until the winner secures the very last kill, typically with a throwing knife or something else that requires extreme precision and great timing.

It is hands down the most fun I've ever had playing Call of Duty, and it's always been my favorite game mode. There's nothing like having a friend over to the house and hopping online to play a few rounds of Gun Game. Inevitably, if you're decent players, rounds will come down to fits of hysterical laughter, cursing, and screaming as you and your friends chase each other around, juking and jumping, attempting to stick each other with the perfect throwing knife kill. God, that final kill-cam is so satisfying. And don't forget, if you get knifed you have to go back a gun, and that creates the most bitter rivalries.

Every single first-person shooter worth its salt needs to have a Gun Game mode, or some variation thereof. I think it's the perfect multiplayer mode because it combines objective-based gameplay - you have to be the first to reach the final rank or your kills don't matter - and simple "run 'n gun" gameplay. It's also dizzying fun whether you're playing alone or with friends. Seriously, go play a few rounds right now in Infinite Warfare or Black Ops III and tell me it doesn't get your heart pounding.

It's been rumored that 343 could be adding in some version of Gun Game into Halo 5 soon, or else enable players to create a version of the game through use of the Forge. This absolutely needs to happen. Why shouldn't Halo have its own version of the gun game? Or Titanfall 2? Or Battlefield 1?

With Titanfall 2 occupying all of my multiplayer free time, the only reason I hop online anymore to play Infinite Warfare is to play the Gun Game. The game mode itself has the power to draw me away from my current shooter fix to play something different, and I'd love to experience that same rush with Titanfall 2 weapons or while facing Spartans. They could even put their own interesting twists on it; maybe in Titanfall you start off with a Titan instead of a pistol, and for the final kill you have to get a pilot assassination. In Halo the final weapon could be a crystal skull or something completely new.

It doesn't seem likely, but I can dream. Have you played and loved the Gun Game? Would you want to play it in Halo 5 or Battlefield 1? Why or why not? Chime in on Facebook and we can dish it out.

By Matthew Hayes

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