Destiny Gets Another Development Team On Board

by Robert Workman


The world of Destiny is about to expand outside of Bungie’s reach – but that’s actually good news for the players, as that means more content is on the way.

Vicarious Visions, a team that’s currently hard at work on Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy for PlayStation 4, has signed on to assist the developer with expanding the Destiny universe – and that could very well mean next year’s forthcoming sequel, which could be announced shortly.

“Vicarious Visions is excited to announce that we are partnering with Bungie to further expand the award-winning Destiny universe,” the company noted on a Facebook post earlier today.

Vicarious is the latest studio to hop on board the project, after High Moon Studios signed on earlier to assist Bungie with making progress on the games. This should enable the expediency of Destiny II to make it to store shelves next fall, while also keeping fresh content going through the original game.

However, Bungie nor Vicarious Visions noted just how the new team will help with the game, and also didn’t confirm anything about a sequel just yet – though it’s obvious it’s coming, since Rise of Iron serves as pretty much the final add-on for the original Destiny

And with Vicarious on board, Bungie will no doubt work further to bring Destiny to a new audience – PC players. Though the original game never made it to that platform, rumors have circulated that Destiny II will make its way not only to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but also PC. Again, when the sequel is officially announced, we’ll likely have more information.

Also, Destiny’s development won’t interfere with the work being put into Crash Bandicoot, as that game is slated for release on PlayStation 4 in 2017.

So dream on, Destiny fans. It appears that your universe is about to get a hell of a lot bigger.

By Robert Workman

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