YouTube Reveals Top Ten Game Trailers For 2016

by Robert Workman


YouTube has revealed the top ten most-viewed video game trailers of 2016, and, to no one’s surprise, Electronic Arts has dominated without breaking a sweat.

The company’s first-person shooter Battlefield 1 took an easy first place, with 49.84 million views since its reveal earlier this year. And fans also made it the most liked game trailer of the year, in comparison to the second place game, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Despite the fact that Activision’s debut trailer for the sequel got a massive three million dislikes, it did rather well on the viewing front with 36 million views.

The rest of the list consists of mobile and console games alike. Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360 came in third with 32.8 million views; Clash of Kings cleaned up fourth place with 17.13 million views; and Gears of War 4: Tomorrow took the fifth place spot with 17.1 million views.

The rest of the list includes games like Overwatch, Pokemon Sun and Moon, FIFA 17, Watch Dogs 2 and Doom, all of which had around nine to fourteen million views apiece.

The full top ten is below, with links to each of the respective trailers:

As for the top trailers for games coming in the next year, God of War rules the roost thus far with an incredible 14.1 million views thus far, followed by Insomniac’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 with 10.2 million; and The Last of Us Part II garnering 3.13 million views, in just a few days’ time.

By Robert Workman

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