Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Offering Trial Version This Weekend

by Robert Workman

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If you haven’t had the chance to check out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare just yet – or you’ve been waiting to see just what the full package has to offer – Activision has some good news for you.

The publisher has announced that it will be hosting a free trial for the game, starting on December 15th at 10 PDT and running through December 20th at 10 AM PDT. With it, players can check out all three modes within the game, including two stages of the single player campaign, the multiplayer mode, and the highly addictive Zombies In Spaceland.

With the single player campaign, you’ll be able to check out the first two stages of the game, Rising Threat and Black Sky. In addition, you can jump right into multiplayer with friends and foes alike, up to the level cap of 15, and take on Zombies In Spaceland all the way through Level Cap 3.

If you end up purchasing the full game after checking out the trial version of Infinite Warfare, Activision has noted that your progress will carry over into the final game without missing a beat, according to the company’s latest blog entry.

You can check out the trailer below, which provides a series of highlights of what you can play over the course of the weekend. It’s a pretty good amount of content that will help you get oriented with Infinite Warfare’s massive world, before deciding on whether or not to purchase the final game.

We reviewed the game a few weeks ago, considering it a triumph for the Call of Duty series with its variation of modes and tight gameplay. Some fans are still a bit skeptical, with the outer space theme and all, but it works better than expected, so definitely give it a shot. The trial is open across all platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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