Dishonored 2's New Game Plus Mode Isn’t Far Off

by Robert Workman


While many fans have been enjoying the awesome challenge of Bethesda’s Dishonored 2, some have been wondering why the game didn’t come with a New Game + mode to really put them on your toes. Relax, gang, you’ll get your wish soon enough.

The publisher has announced that the mode will be added to the game on Monday, December 19th, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Better yet, it’ll be free, as part of the game’s latest update.

Dishonored 2 “lets you begin anew as either character with access to each hero’s full suite of abilities plus all the Bonecharm Traits and Runes collected from your previous playthrough that you can re-assign to choose the powers you want,” the company noted in a press release.

In addition, another update will come in January, with the ability to select missions right from the start (instead of wading through the whole game), as well as Custom Difficulty Settings that “further tailor to your playstyle and adjust the challenge based on a wide array of settings.” More details on these add-ons are expected to be revealed in January.

We reviewed Dishonored 2 a while back, considering it to be a worthwhile sequel to the original game, with two unique characters to choose from and a sprawling city in which you can use as your killing playground. There’s no doubt that these new additions will help expand the game even further, as the developers at Arkane Studios originally intended.

There’s no given time frame for when the New Game + mode will be aviaalble, but we probably won’t be waiting too long for it, provided that a lot of players have been looking forward to it. Plus, we’re getting it in time for Christmas. Huzzah!

Dishonored 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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