Grab Gears of War 4 and Dishonored 2 for Dirt Cheap, Find Out How

by Matthew Hayes

It's risky business buying games at full price around the holiday season , even brand new games, because they always end up going on sale. Right now you can score two of the hottest AAA games for dirt cheap if you know where to look. Thankfully, we know where to look - and we're making sure you guys don't miss these deals!

Gears of War 4 - $29.99 via Best Buy

Gears of War 4 is one of the best action games on the Xbox One and PC right now. It was well-reviewed, but I'm guessing it didn't hit its sales projections, because now you can score the full game from Best Buy for $29.99. Check the link here to find the digital version of the game on sale.

According to the listing, you can also grab the physical version of the game for $29.99. Don't forget that this is a "Play Anywhere" title though, which means that when you buy the game digitally on Xbox One, you also get a code to download the game on your PC from the Windows Store.

Dishonored 2 - $19.99 via Dell

Bethesda's stealthy stab 'em up released with some major issues on the PC. The game itself is wonderful - you can read our review right here. Our own Robert Workman concluded that "The gameplay really opens up over time, based on the decisions you make; and the fantastic results that come from a well-coordinated attack can't be beat. Corvo and Emily have returned to steal our hearts once more, and fans are sure to love it."

While PC players were initially turned off by numerous bugs and performance issues, those issues have since been patched. The game is in great working shape now, but the damage to Dishonored 2's reputation no doubt affected sales. You can find the game right now for only $20 from Dell. Simply click the link here to see the listing. This is for a physical version of the PC game only, but shipping is free, so you don't have to worry about any extra charges.

And there you have it! We're happy to see two incredible games offered at such great prices, but it really does make you think twice about pre-ordering or paying full price for new games, doesn't it?

By Matthew Hayes

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