Final Fantasy 15 Getting New Game +, More DLC

by Robert Workman


Just in time for the holidays, Square Enix has announced a new update that will be coming to Final Fantasy XV on December 22nd, adding some additional content to the game free of charge.

Perhaps the biggest thing that will be included with the update is a New Game + mode, which will provide a number of new challenges to players. Anyone who’s gone through the game already will have the option to carry over data from previously completed games into a new save file without missing a beat.

With the holiday DLC, players will have access to extra ability points, as well as an accessory that stops experience growth, and the chance to attend a “fun-filled carnival,” although Square Enix didn’t quite elaborate on what activities would be included. (A pinball competition, perhaps?)

This is just the beginning as well, as the publisher has more content planned out for the game, including a new “God mode,” additional story content and small tweaks that will help with the 13th chapter, for those that are having difficulty. All of these updates will be free, although premium content, like multiplayer, will be offered down the road.

Speaking of paid DLC, there is some holiday content being offered for a small price, including festive outfits and battle accessories that really bring the seasonal best from your characters. If you purchased the Season Pass or the Digital Premium Edition, though, you’ll get these for free.

Perhaps the best bonus? Photo frames that can be used for your selfies. Yes, you can pretty much create your own ideal Christmas card with Prompto and the others, then frame them for your friends. Now that’s holiday cheer, folks.

Look for all these DLC updates in the months ahead, which will clearly expand Final Fantasy XV’s already booming experience.

The game is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

By Robert Workman

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