Super Mario Run Has Eclipsed Pokemon GO! With Biggest Mobile Launch

by Robert Workman


Super Mario Run hasn’t even been out 48 hours yet, and already it’s making history for a downloadable app.

The analytics team at Apptopia have reported that Nintendo’s latest mobile effort, a full-fledged game compared to stuff like Mittomo and Pokemon GO!, has managed to get 2.85 million downloads on the first day of availability – that’s the biggest launch in App Store history.

“Even bigger than Pokemon GO?!” you may be asking yourself. Yep, because that game only had 900,000 downloads on its initial day of release, though that number grew quite quickly to 5.6 million by the third day.

However, Super Mario Run has a good chance of beating that record as well, as the game has proven quite popular in a number of circles, including demonstrations at Apple locations across the country.

Nintendo previously estimated that the game would clear the $70 million mark in its first month of release, and it looks like it’s already on its way there, considering that a lot of people have paid the $9.99 upgrade to get full access to the game, though Apptopia hasn’t provided a specific number of who paid for what just yet.

Whatever the case, Super Mario Run has proven to be a big holiday success for Nintendo, already becoming one of the iOS devices’ biggest apps. It’s likely to do the same when it (eventually) launches for Android as well, as that has a sizable audience of players that certainly can’t wait to get their hands on the game as well.

Fans interested in the game can download the trial free of charge, and then decide whether or not to pay $9.99 to access all the worlds. Based on our recent review, though, it’s certainly worth the investment, combining old-school goodness with new controls to create a wonderful running experience.

Super Mario Run is available now for iOS devices.

By Robert Workman

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