Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Latest Update Brings PS4 Pro Support and More

by Robert Workman


Ubisoft has announced new details on the latest update for its big hit Tom Clancy’s The Division, and die-hard fans can expect a few minor changes with the game.

Perhaps the biggest, according to the developers at Massive, is the introduction of leaderboards for the Dark Zone. With these, players will be able to check out the action through in-game monitors outside the Zone, which will keep track of a number of different activities. These include extracted items, named kills, rogue kills and more.

You’ll be able to have your statistics tracked both weekly and monthly, and Ubisoft will reward players depending on where they rank on the leaderboards at these times. These include a new kind of cache, although Massive didn’t elaborate on what that would entail just yet. We’ll find out soon.

Progress through the Dark Zone can be tracked through these monitors, in case you feel like checking up on your progress. Massive has promised that these will encourage positive behavior throughout the game, and not necessarily bad moves – something those rope cutters will want to take note of.

The update will also include PvP balancing and other content within the Dark Zone, although a release date hasn’t been given yet. However, the publisher also confirmed that the game will soon see support for the PlayStation 4 Pro, which should take place later this month. How things will be upgraded hasn’t been revealed just yet, but we should know more in just a few days’ time.

The Pro support, along with the patch, are set to coincide with the latest piece of downloadable content for the game, Survival, which is set to drop later this month. Players will not only have to contend with enemies in the city, but also conditions that can affect their character, like cold weather.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

By Robert Workman

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