Star Wars: Battlefront Offering Free Death Star Weekend

by Robert Workman


In honor of the new movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being such a big hit with the fans, DICE and Electronic Arts are giving fans their own opportunity to make a run for the infamous Death Star.

The company has announced that Star Wars: Battlefront players will be able to access the Death Star DLC for the game free this weekend, as well as boosting their score with double scoring throughout all three days.

The weekend will take place on December 23rd and run through Christmas, and will enable players to also earn a bonus of 5,000 credits to be added to their account, along with the double-scoring.

The Death Star DLC pack includes five different multiplayer maps, including Imperial Blockade, Defense Sector, Power Sector, Command Sector and death Star Surface, along with two additional weapons, new Star Cards, and two new playable heroes. In addition, there is also a new game mode where players will be able to take on three different phases, in the hopes of destroying – or saving – the Death Star, akin to the battle at the end of the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

Even though DICE has put a lot of focus on the Rogue One oriented Battlefront content for this month – the map of Scarif, which is available to all players now – it’s nice to see the company provide access to such iconic content for free this weekend, especially to those that are just picking up the game for the first time.

This will likely be the last big event we see for the original Battlefront, as the developer will now turn its attention to the sequel, Battlefront II, which is scheduled to arrive in fall 2017 and focus more on the newer films in the series. May the Force be strong with it.

Star Wars: Battlefront is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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