Is a New Animated Overwatch Short Coming?

by Robert Workman


There’s certainly a lot happening with Overwatch right now, between the current holiday event in the game and the stuff that’s on the horizon for 2017. However, we may be looking at the arrival of a new animated short soon enough.

Jonny Cruz, who voices the colorful, cheerful character Lucio in the game, spoke with Cultured Vultures about his role. More importantly, though, we could be seeing a new animated short on the way that focuses on his character.

While he confirmed that the project was in the works, he didn’t elaborate on details. “Apparently it’s coming,” he said, when asked about the short. “They’re working on something! I don’t know what though, they always keep me in the dark, so who knows?”

Considering that Lucio is one of the game’s more popular characters (mainly based on his attack style and attitude), releasing a new short that focuses on him and his background would certainly make sense – and we’ve seen from past releases by Blizzard that it knows how to tell such a story.

We’ll see what comes in 2017.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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