Dead Rising 4 Available For Dirt Cheap Today

by Robert Workman


If you missed out on the chance to engage with Dead Rising 4’s bloody holiday cheer when it first released, relax – you’ve got more than enough opportunity to do so now, and for a much cheaper price.

The Microsoft/Capcom produced adventure has been marked down at a number of retailers, and is available for dirt cheap just a few weeks after its initial release. Amazon and GameStop have their versions available for $29.99, while Best Buy has it for $39.99, though with the Gamers Club Membership, it’s a little bit cheaper, down to $36.00.

This is for the regular physical version of the game, though Gamestop is also offering the digital version at $30, with no additional discount. The Digital Deluxe version has also been marked down at these retailers, going for $50 (instead of the usual $80). Amazon is a bit higher on both of those versions, by about $10, but still offers free shipping to Prime members.

There’s no word on when this deal will come to an end, so players that are interested in the game may want to jump now, before it comes to a close.

We reviewed the game earlier this month, and even without its staple co-op supported campaign mode (it’s regulated to a separate mode where you can team up with your friends), it’s a lot of zombie-bashing fun, especially with the return of Frank West in the lead role. Plus, it’s great creating new weapons in the game, whether you’re bashing heads in with a bat wrapped in Christmas lights (in pure Negan fashion), or running over zombies galore using the newly built Kill-o-Watt. We suggest giving it a shot, especially since it’s available for such a cheap price.

Also keep in mind that the digital version of the game supports the Play Anywhere program, so you get two versions for one price – Xbox One and Windows 10. That’s a hard deal to beat.

Dead Rising 4 is available now.

By Robert Workman

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