Nintendo Offering Post-Holiday Gift To Super Mario Run Players

by Robert Workman


If you’re currently making your way through Nintendo’s mobile hit Super Mario Run, you might want to check your inventory the next time you play the game – you totally have a gift waiting.

In an effort to celebrate the game’s 50 million download mark (in just under two weeks, that’s really something), Nintendo has sent all players a nice little gift, in the form of ten Rally Tickets for the game’s Toad Rally mode. They were announced back on December 23rd, but it looks like Nintendo has finally gotten around to sending them out.

“We hope everyone will enjoy the fun of the Toad Rally (mode),” the company noted with the arrival of the tickets.

The mode is multiplayer oriented, as you can challenge players’ best runs in the game by collecting the most coins possible and getting fellow Toad characters to cheer you on. By earning enough of both, you can topple someone’s score with ease and earn a few more coins for your trouble.

The game, which arrived on December 15th, has been a pretty popular item since that time, with players checking out the trial version of the game, and quite a few upgrading to the full title for $9.99. It managed to reach the 40 million download mark in the first four days of its release, before shifting another 10 million players over the next few days to 50 million. However, Nintendo didn’t reveal stats as to how many players were upgrading to the full game – at least, not yet.

Whatever the case, the gift of tickets should help players get more oriented with the Toad Rally mode, and see its potential when it comes to superstar runs by other players. Give it a try and see if it’s something you’ll want to stick with for the long haul.

Super Mario Run is available now for iOS devices, and coming soon to Android.

By Robert Workman

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