Carrie Fisher Honored & Celebrated in Star Wars Video Games Across the World

by Matthew Hayes

People deal with loss in different ways, sometimes destructive and sometimes creative. Since the passing of actress, writer, and mental health advocate Carrie Fisher, Star Wars fans have been pouring out their grief, condolences, and eulogies the best they know how. For players of the Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, a certain in-game destination has become a bastion of hope, and has given a chance for many to say their final farewells.

In an area known simply as House Organa, players from all over the world have gathered to celebrate Fisher's life and to grieve. In some servers, players have painstakingly recreated Princess Leia as a custom class and traveled to the House Organa, where players would come to see her one last time. Large groups knelt and sat before her, silently contemplating. Others waved and excitedly told her how much her life meant to them. Others raised their lightsabers and blasters to the sky in tribute, and still others threw a party, Leia leading the festivities herself by setting off fireworks.

Star Wars Battlefront players are also reportedly eager to eulogize Fisher in-game, and are hoping for DICE to pay its own tribute. Leia is a playable hero in Battlefront, but as of now you only see her wearing the outfit she dons in The Empire Strikes Back on the icy world of Hoth. DICE mentioned that it was working on an alternate skin, one featuring Leia in her original white robes, but development on that skin (and others) came to a premature end. Now fans are asking DICE to finish and release the alternate skin that depicts Leia in that iconic costume that we first see in a projected hologram from R2D2.

It's touching to see how one special woman's death can bring together enormous communities that are physically scattered around the world. Carrie Fisher was, and is, an integral part of what makes the Star Wars universe so very precious to its many fans, and her legacy will live on as long as these stories are told.

(via Kotaku)

By Matthew Hayes

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