Pre-Register for Super Mario Run Now on Android

by Matthew Hayes

Android smartphone owners all over the world are wondering when they can get their mitts on Super Mario Run, Nintendo's mobile mega-hit that you can play with one hand. Well, you may be able to snag this one sooner than you think? Nintendo vaguely hinted that Super Mario Run would be available for Android some time in 2017, and now you can find the game listed on the Google Play Store and pre-register.

Super Mario Run did much better than originally projected, surpassing 25 million downloads within the first few days, and surpassing the 50 million download milestone soon thereafter. It crushed Pokemon Go's opening numbers, but ended up receiving loads of negative reviews due to the $9.99 price tag. I had to hold my wife's iPhone hostage for a few days while I tore through the game and, let me tell you, it's absolutely worth the price if you're a Mario fan or platforming fan.

It will be interesting to see how Super Mario Run performs across a much wider range of Android devices. On the iPhone, Nintendo knew that there were pretty much only 4-6 models on which the game would be played, so optimization wasn't an enormous chore. Android users have a much wider variety of models to choose from, and I can't help but wonder how well Super Mario will end up running on some of the lower-end phones. Perhaps an OS requirement will weed out some of the poor performers.

At any rate, we're crossing our fingers that we'll see Super Mario Run on Android devices some time in January. I'll at least be able to play the game whenever I want without having to ask for my wife's iPhone. With download numbers steadily creeping toward the 100 million mark on iPhone alone, we're confident that we'll be seeing a press release soon after the Android release that Super Mario Run has reached that milestone.

By Matthew Hayes

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