Amazon Digital Day Deal Highlights

by Matthew Hayes

Well, Amazon's Digital Day turned out to be a bit of a dud. Admittedly, we had our expectations set unrealistically high. We were hoping for a second coming of Cyber Monday, and what we got was, well, Digital Day. This is pretty much your average Steam Sale, but there are a view diamonds in the rough if you look hard enough. Here are a few games that you might be interested in picking up during this one-day event:

There are more deals, and you can find them all here, but I omitted most of them because, to be frank, you can find better deals elsewhere. Titanfall 2, for example, is on sale for Digital Day for $39.99, but you can download the game straight from Origin for only $29.99. We're not sure how or why Amazon saw fit to promote this sale so heavily and then offer prices higher than the publishers themselves, but it is what it is.

Now I will say that if you're looking for more than just video games, the Digital Day sales might actually be worth perusing. Amazon is offering tons of Marvel and The Walking Dead comics on (digital Kindle versions) for around $5. Likewise you can find many great movie downloads for $10 or less - including Deadpool.

You can also check out the discounts on software if you're headed back to school and need a cheap subscription to Microsoft Office Suite or Norton Security services. Happy shopping, and I hope you find a deal that you love!

By Matthew Hayes

Matthew loves artistic games, RPG loot, all things Nintendo, and esoteric philosophy - if you want to buy him something for his birthday, that's all you need to know. In person, a meek dog-lover. Online, an overly competitive villain. Favorite games include Persona 4 Golden, Rainbow Six Siege, Dark Souls, Rhythm Heaven Megamix, and Jet Set Radio.