The Most Addictive Android, iPhone Games Currently Discounted up to 80%

by Matthew Hayes

I said in the headline that you can grab the most addictive mobile games at a huge discount right now, and I meant it. If you've never played a Kairosoft game before - oh man - you are in for a serious treat. Before I gush about how much you're going to love these games, let me give you the full rundown on what's on sale. All of the following games are developed by Kairosoft and can be found on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store:

  • Dungeon Village - now $1.25
  • Pocket Arcade Story - now $1.25
  • Hot Springs Story - now $1.25
  • Game Dev Story - now $0.99
  • The Manga Works - now $1.25

Now here's the thing about Kairosoft. Most people's favorite Kairosoft game is whichever game they play first. These games have a very unique charm and aesthetic all their own, and they all revolve around a highly addictive RPG-lite progression loop of some kind. As an example, let's consider what's almost unanimously considered to be the most popular Kairosoft game: Game Dev Story.

In Game Dev Story you assume the responsibility of maintaining and growing a young video game development startup. You have a limited work space, few employees, a limited budget, and you begin working within the confines of 8-bit gaming technology. It's up to you to combine different kinds of genres with different types of styles in order to create the best-selling games.

As you succeed your company's size and influence will grow as you progress through the history of gaming, celebrating the release of new consoles from the biggest names in gaming, and trying your best to create best-selling games on those systems. It's all about the "started from the bottom now we here" hook, and Kairosoft pulls it off masterfully.

All of these games are worth many times their respective asking prices, so check them out and kiss a few days of free time and productivity away. Don't say we didn't warn you.

(via DroidGamers)

By Matthew Hayes

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