See Super Mario Run's Overworld Theme Played on a Laser Harp

by Matthew Hayes

I saw this story on Polygon as I was scouring the internet for any kind of interesting headline, or previous break that I might spin out into some kind of controversial op-ed. I honestly don't think that I can write an introduction for this joint as charmingly transparent or succinct as Owen's, so I'd like to share it with you guys - you know - just to give you an insider's glimpse of what it's like covering our beloved industry around the holidays:

"Look folks, I will be flat honest. The deadest news cycle of any subject in the western world is Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, and this year I have the good fortune of supervising its end on a weekend. So we are scraping the bowl, hard, for any kind of resin to give us a flicker of a buzz. Forthwith, I offer the Super Mario Run theme on a laser harp."

And here we are. The talented "Theremin Hero" is giving us our first laser-light show of the night before we set out for our inevitable, overly-ambitious pre-game parties. As you watch, you can think of each beam of light as a key on a MIDI keyboard. By blocking the light with his hands, our talented performer triggers a pre-set tone, pitch, and intensity. It's a neat little show, and we hope it brightens your afternoon.

For those of you still on the fence about Super Mario Run, we think it's a pretty special game. It smashed records on the iTunes App Store upon release, and pre-registration for the Android version is now live. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the music in this game as you play, particularly the main menu / kingdom music.

Here's a fun little trick. Before you destroy the thwomps that flank either side of the entrance to your kingdom, try listening the music that plays in the background and tapping the thwomps so that they smash down in time with the song. I've spent no less than fifteen minutes of my life doing this with great pleasure.

And with that, I think I've wrung every drop out of this story that I possibly can. Happy New Year!

By Matthew Hayes

Matthew loves artistic games, RPG loot, all things Nintendo, and esoteric philosophy - if you want to buy him something for his birthday, that's all you need to know. In person, a meek dog-lover. Online, an overly competitive villain. Favorite games include Persona 4 Golden, Rainbow Six Siege, Dark Souls, Rhythm Heaven Megamix, and Jet Set Radio.