A Destiny Boss Has Been Recreated In Halo 5’s Forge Mode

by Robert Workman

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 10.46.44 PM

Halo 5: Guardians’ Forge mode has been an ideal place to create some cool stuff, but this one takes the cake – especially for Destiny fans.

The team over at CupofJoe Gaming Channel has managed to recreate the Axis Mind boss from Destiny through Forge mode. There are certain restrictions with it – it can’t move in this iteration – but players can still take it on and fire away bullets at it until it’s eventually shut down.

The boss appears in Destiny during one of the Strike co-op missions in the game, The Undying Mind. In that version of the game, it’s able to defend itself with multiple rotating shields while getting around. It may not move in Halo 5, but the fact that CupofJoe actually put in the effort to recreate it is pretty impressive.

How was the team able to create the boss in Forge mode? Well, thanks to the addition of a new AI scripting system last month (as part of the latest update for the game), the team was able to put it together.

The video below provides a glimpse of what players can expect from Vex’s Halo appearance, and CupofJoe has already promised that it will post another video soon, one that details just how well the system was used.

For now, revel in Axis Mind’s greatness, and let’s see what these savvy Forge creators come up with next!

By Robert Workman

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