Is Beyond Good & Evil 2 a Nintendo Switch Exclusive?

by Robert Workman


It’s good to see Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil 2 back in the news again, as long-time fans have been expecting the sequel for well over a decade now. But a new piece of information indicates that there will only be one place to play it when it comes out – at least, for an initial period.

Laura Kate Date, who’s been pretty much on the money with her Nintendo-related reports as of late, has tweeted out information about the forthcoming sequel, indicating that Nintendo is paying big bucks to make it a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. When the game comes out, it will stay exclusive to that platform for an entire year, before making its way to other platforms.

Laura tweeted, “BGE2 codename is Odyssey. Exclusive to Switch for 12 months only, retail and digital versions, after 12 months digital on PS4 and XB1.” (PC version has been listed, too.)

Nintendo has gone after big exclusives in the past, as the company made a landmark deal to bring the sequel Bayonetta 2 (and the original, as a pack-in) to the Wii U. It’s a move that paid off in spades, as the game became one of the most popular releases for the system amongst “mature” gamers, along with the original.

However, Nintendo doesn’t follow this practice very often, usually referring to its own first-party exclusives to drive system sales, including traditional Mario and Zelda games, amongst others. The company already plans to bring these to the Switch, with a new Mario game set to be announced, and Breath of the Wild slated for possible release in time for the system’s launch.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, so all eyes are on Ubisoft at the moment to see what’s announced. We likely won’t hear anything before the company’s E3 press conference, but who knows, it could show up as soon as next week, when Nintendo announces its plans for the Switch. Laura suggested that a teaser could be shown at the very end to indicate it's on the way.

By Robert Workman

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