Someone Beat Final Fantasy XV Without Leveling Up

by Robert Workman


We’ve seen some impressive feats so far three days into 2017 – but a YouTuber by the name of BOYvsVIDEOGAME may have just blown them all away.

That’s because this player has managed to get through Final Fantasy XV in a matter of nine hours. But that’s not the impressive part – he managed to do so without using any power-ups or leveling up. Not even once. As you can see from the certificate above, he managed to beat the entire thing at level 1.

How did he do this, you may ask? He utilized the Nixeperience Band to help keep himself from leveling up to new points, and also managed to take on a series of boss battles without even using a single power-up. This is an amazing feat that took a whole lot of grinding, as some boss battles have managed to take over an hour as a result – including the final battle with Ardyn, which is included in the video below.

It obviously wasn’t an easy task, but kudos to BOYvsVIDEOGAME for tackling it and proving that, despite being incredibly hard, it could be done. He managed to end up with 266,566 points of experience as a result, which, as some of you know, can buy a whole lot of stuff.

Anyway, enjoy the video below, and see how far you can get on a single level gameplay session. Chances are you might run into a whole lot of difficulty.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

By Robert Workman

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