World of Warcraft Brings Back the Brawler’s Guild, and Introduces Overwatch References

by Robert Workman


The Brawler’s Guild has made a return to World of Warcraft, and with it, some familiar references to another popular Blizzard property, Overwatch.

As noted by PcGamesN, the Brawler’s Guild will be making a return to the game with the forthcoming patch 7.1.5, which also features a forthcoming “Ogrewatch” challenge. You’ll face a number of Rank 6 bosses within this mode, including Hudson, who’s very Winston-like with his jump pack, tesla cannon and barrier projector; Dupree, a gunman with a special ability called Highnoon (similar to, you guessed it, McCree); and Stuffshrew, a Junkrat-style lunatic who utilizes an explosive ability, and can’t stop laughing.

The article also indicates that other characters could be making their way into the mode, including a character named Blinker (based on Tracer), another named Render (Reaper) and Steingardt (Reinhardt).

Wowhead has posted all the details on what to expect from these bosses, in case you need further information – but, yes, they’re very Overwatch-like, and that’s sure to please fans of both that particular series and World of Warcraft.

But there’s a catch. You won’t have automatic access to the Guild once it makes its return, even if you managed to frequent there pretty often the first time it was around. Instead, you’ll need to pick up a Blood-Soaked invitation. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to get a hold of one, as you simply need to complete dungeons or open up emissary bags in order to find one. You can also make a shop in Shield’s Rest in Stormheim to fight the elite vrykul to get your hands on one.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to open up the single player focused challenge mode, and jump right in to the Brawler’s Guild and “Ogrewatch” challenge. Now all we’re wondering is when Torbjorn will show up…and will he be called Togrejorn.

By Robert Workman

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